"Working alongside Evolve has been an eye opening experience for me. I've been pleasantly surprised by their effectiveness in bringing together key decision makers across several different organizations and industries. In my line of work, I see a lot of organizations host events and lunch and learns. In most cases, actual attendance represents only a fraction of the ticket registration; Evolve has completely turned that on its head. The events that I've been a part of have always reached full capacity. Working closely to Tolulope, I've noticed that their ability to get key people in a room together is not based on the sheer force of marketing dollars. Instead, she has been able to leverage relational equity that could only have come as a result of doing high quality work for a span of several years. It is my hope that more organizations will join the movement that is Evolve mentoring."

Jalen Hatton, Loading Dock Community Manager

"On the behalf of Accelerating Men and the people we serve, we thank My Brothers Keeper Wake County and Evolve Mentoring for their extraordinary commitment to helping support mentoring and youth development programs within our community. Organizations like you make the work we do at Accelerating Men possible and truly make a meaningful impact on the lives of our community. This year your support allowed us to move Accelerating Men in a better direction. Because of your support, our organization can execute our vision and mentor young men ages 10-18 and their parents monthly. Thanks for always supporting the Mentoring cause."

Marcel Anderson CEO, Accelerating Men, Inc.

“Thought the event was wonderful. My Brother’s Keeper is a blessing and positive organization.. Our interaction during the Kwanzaa made our Christmas such a blessing, adding joy.. The nutritional food and celebration was awesome.. I take my hat and give a standing ovation. There’s not a better group of people than MBK”

Ms. Davidson


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