MENTOR & The MBK Alliance Webinar 6: An Introduction to the Supporting Young People in the Wake of Violence Guide

Many young people are exposed to violence and traumatic events in their childhoods, but they’re often not equipped to process these experiences. While mentors are not mental health professionals, they do have the unique opportunity to open a supportive dialogue with young people that affirms their experiences, fosters a sense of safety, and helps them cope with their emotions. In an effort to help programs foster healthy mentoring relationships throughout traumatic experiences, MENTOR developed a guide in collaboration with the Mental Health Association (MHA) of New York and with generous support from JPMorgan Chase. Join this webinar as panelists review the guide, titled “Supporting Young People in the Wake of Violence and Exposure to Traumatic Events,” and discuss how they’ve adopted its principles into The Fellowship Initiative mentoring program.

Supporting Young People in the Wake of Violence:

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