Philharmonic Association, Inc.

The vision of the Philharmonic Association is to set the standard in our country for providing a comprehensive array of classical and jazz ensemble opportunities for young musicians, while at the same time leading our peers in growing and sustaining a culture of diversity, inclusion and accessibility in the arts.

Respect: We strive to foster a culture of respect by creating a supportive environment where young musicians and artistic staff exhibit respect for each other and the music.

Collaboration: We value the enrichment and creativity found in partnering with other youth arts organizations.

Excellence: We encourage a pursuit of excellence by young musicians as they strive to reach their personal best.

Diversity and Inclusion: We value the benefit that diversity brings to our organization and will make every reasonable accommodation as we ensure an inclusive environment for our young musicians, staff, and audiences.

Integrity: We believe a culture of accountability will produce individuals with high integrity whose character and professionalism are admirable, and whose musical interpretation is honest and authentic.

Our Ensembles
The Philharmonic Association (PA) provides opportunities to 4th through 12th grade musicians of various levels of proficiency.

The Triangle Youth Philharmonic (TYP) is the most advanced full orchestra.
The Triangle Youth Symphony (TYS) is for moderately advanced musicians.
The Triangle Youth Orchestra (TYO) is for intermediate students with less orchestral experience.
The Triangle Youth String Sinfonia (TYSS or “Sinfonia”) and Triangle Youth String Orchestra (TYSO) allow string players to develop or focus on their ensemble skills.
The PA also sponsors the award winning Triangle Youth Jazz Ensemble (TYJE), Triangle Youth Jazz Orchestra (TYJO), and Triangle Youth Jazz Band, (TYJB) for advanced middle and high school musicians interested in studying and performing the best of the big band jazz literature. A non auditioned introductory jazz group called Triangle Youth Jazz Lab (Jazz Lab) is also offered.
Chamber Ensembles provide musicians with sufficient proficiency the opportunity to study and perform chamber music for strings, woodwinds or brass.

  • Free concerts
Targeted Demographic
  • boys
  • girls
  • families
Targeted Age Range
  • 10-18
Grade Level
  • elementary
  • middle-school
  • high-school
The mission of the Philharmonic Association is to educate the next generation in great classical and jazz music through ensemble performance, while encouraging appreciation, community participation, and support of these activities.
Core Competencies
Music education


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