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EVOLVE Mentoring wins JRE grant for My Brother's Keeper initiative in Wake County. 06-21-2019Share: The John Rex Endowment is pleased to announce grant awards totaling more than $1.75 million to five organizations to improve the environment in which Wake County children and their families are born, live, learn, work, play, worship and age. Sabrina Slade, Social Innovation Director with the Endowment, says, “We Hosted by WeAre, in this session, participants will role-play how to speak up in situations when biases are present.An interactive session, participants will role play how to speak up in situations where they witness someone using racial biases, stereotypes, and/or microaggressions. They will also engage in a critical discussion regarding the experience of becoming a disruptor. This webinar will explore the importance of building a strong board for you program by delving into 4 main areas of focus: recruitment, onboarding, engagement, and board assessment! Join us to receive tangible experiences and tools that you can apply to your program and ensure you are on the right track. Presentation Slide Additional Resources Brothers Breaking Bread is a virtual convening for Men of Color to discuss important topics, get/give great advice, build community and ultimately better boys and young men. In this episode, Black Boys OM is hosting a yoga and meditation for men of color. lack Boys OM exists to Inspire Wellness by creating a connected community of Black Leaders who are already using


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