Our Advisory Council

Stormie D. Forte

Stormie D. Forte is currently the principle at Obsidian Consulting Services, LLC where
she assists local companies with business organization and development opportunities


James & Wonza Montegue

James and Wonza Montegue are Community Developers with 15 years of experience concentrating on underdeveloped areas that need office space and quality affordable housing.

Jamerus Payton

Mr. Jamerus Payton has a diverse portfolio of unique experiences across various cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. He has combined over 15+ years as a Social Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author.

Dion Chavis

Dion Chavis is an accomplished radio professional (Showtime, K97.5), author, and trainer who uses his voice to help guide the lives of young people while also promoting the importance of responsible parenting and youth engagement.


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